T   H   E     A   R   T   W   O   R   K      O F      J   A   M   E   S      G   A   R   D   I   N   E   R

James Gardiner (born August 26, 1985)  is an American artist who has been drawing and painting since as long as he can remember. He studied communication design at the BTK University of Art & Design in Berlin. 

Abstract depictions of people and landscapes is something James has been concentrating on for the last couple of years.

Mainly through black and white ink drawings and paintings. Some digital but mostly traditional works. His style and process are

still evolving.

Aside from working on personal drawings and paintings, James has also worked as an illustrator and storyboard artist for such companies and organizations such as United Nations, Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, Netflix, Siemens, Porsche, Mercedes Benz,

Audi, Commerzbank, Deutsche Bahn, Ikea and Volkswagen among others.


James specializes in Illustration and painting. A keen interest in film and design has always played a large role in his life.

Artists and designers who inspire him are Francis Bacon, H. R. Giger, Max Ernst, Caspar David Friederich, William Turner, Jean Henri Gaston Giraud aka Moebius, Anselm Kiefer, Ralph McQuarrie, Alexander McQueen and John Howe.




James is constantly trying to find new ways to express himself through his artwork. James currently lives and works in Munich.

His studio is located at Bahnwärter Thiel.


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Fading Away Speed Drawing

Hollywood actor and director Joseph-Gordon Levitt talks about my drawing contribution to hitRecord for a possible group collaboration.  

( 2:32 )

"Pathway" Mural time Lapse

with Music from Roxanne de Bastion

Voice acting. German voice of Stitch.

"WOLF" time lapse drawing


"Space Boy" time lapse drawing


"Cabin" time lapse drawing


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